Prantl’s Bakery

Shadyside Inn April 1, 2013 Comments Off

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Prantl’s Bakery, just 0.3 miles for your Suite! View Map

Perhaps having the best bakery in Pittsburgh just two blocks from your hotel suite in Shadyside is a bad thing. After all you, will be tempted every time you stroll around Shadyside by the intoxicating smells of fresh baked goodies coming from their retail shop. Prantl’s is an old fashioned bakery that has been in continuos operation for the past 100 years on Walnut Street. Their signature treat is the Burnt Almond Tort which they ship all over the world. Guests of Shadyside Inn All Suites Hotel have been known to leave behind Almond Torts every now and then when checking out which mysteriously go missing without a trace. Incoming wedding guests should be sure to check out Prantl’s wedding cake. It is out of this world!